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About Durbar

Durbar®. Safe. Durable. Proven. Trusted. Durbar® is the leading brand of structural steel floor plate, made in the UK for over 50 years – only by Tata Steel. The pattern of diamond studs on genuine Durbar® is on average 23% deeper than generic floor plates, with 10% more studs providing outstanding slip resistance. Using genuine Durbar® provides an exact match with existing installations, enabling concern-free refurbishment.

Properties of Durbar

Durbar® is a hot rolled structural steel imprinted on one side with the teardrop stud pattern while the other side is kept plain. Even when subjected to a high degree of fire and heat, Durbar® maintains its mechanical properties, unlike aluminum floor plates. Durbar® steel floor plates are manufactured in 3 grades to suit different construction requirements. These 3 grades are S235JR+AR, S277JR+AR, and S355JR+AR. SteelScout has a range of Durbar® steel flooring plates stocked readily, with our wide network of suppliers and processors. Our highly experienced team members are available via phone, to help you select the right grade of Durbar® for your project.

Uses of Durbar®

Durbar® floor plates are sturdy, durable, and long lasting. Being made from structural steel, Durbar® is a strong and stiff floor plate, requiring minimal support for its span. This property of its high strength and load-bearing capacity reduces the additional support cost in its construction use. Durbar, while being reliable and robust is also easy to cut and assemble, reuse and recycle.

Over the last five decades, Tata Steel’s Durbar® flooring has become a trusted brand, and is used extensively in fabrication of bridges, sky-walks, protective barriers, trench covers, staircase treads and landing, cladding, commercial vehicles, heavy containers and cargo shipment carriers, elevators, safety platforms, loading bays, flooring and ramps across industries, vehicle garages, and much more.

Durbar® plates made from steel can be used uncoated, primer painted, or galvanized to provide additional protection against corrosion, or for further increasing their aesthetic appeal. Besides being used in buildings and industrial areas, due to their distinct features and characteristics, Durbar® plates are now being used in manufacturing and production of playgrounds and other sports equipment.

Benefits of using Durbar® plates

Durbar® flooring has been found to have a plethora of uses due to its distinctive properties. The benefits of using Durbar® flooring plates are:

Outstanding slip resistance

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries at work. Durbar’s unique pattern of raised studs has been proven, by external laboratory testing, to provide outstanding resistance to slip, in both dry and wet conditions.

Fire Resistance

Durbar's structural properties mean that you can rely on it to perform, even when subjected to extreme heat. At temperatures where aluminium floor plates have begun to melt, Durbar® steel floor plate will still be supporting design loads.

Saving you money

Durbar's structural properties reduce cost by eliminating the need for separate structural and flooring components – a distinct advantage over other materials, such as aluminium.

Easy to clean, self-draining surface

Durbar's evenly distributed, raised stud pattern creates a self-draining surface which is easy to clean. The process of producing Durbar even produces an abrasion-resistant surface, giving it a long service life.

A sustainable choice

Durbar is produced in the UK to the highest standards, including BES 6001 for responsible sourcing which guarantees the integrity of the supply chain.

Totally recyclable

As with all steel, Durbar is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and by using genuine Durbar, you can be assured of a perfect match to existing installations, helping to extend serviceable life.

Quality, choice and availability

Durbar is certified to ISO TS 16949:2009 and meets the requirements of the Construction Products Directive. It is available in three different structural grades to fit your needs. Durbar is supplied via an extensive UK network of in-house and partner distributors.

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