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About Metal Mesh

A metal mesh is a porous metal screen with equal or unequal spacing between its pores. It is known by different names, such as mesh, wire mesh, and metal mesh sheet. There are two types of metal mesh production processes, namely weaving and welding. In the weaving process, a metal wire weaving machine which looks like a textile weaving loom is used, whereas in the welding process, automated welding machines that use electric resistance welding (ERW) on intersection joints are used.

Metal mesh can be produced from a range of different metal wires and rods, based on the requirements of its applications. It is a very versatile product as its thickness, spacing between wires and rods, metal types, and finishes can be adjusted without adversely affecting the characteristic strength of the original metal used.

How is a metal mesh made?

There are 2 basic processes involved in the manufacturing and production of metal mesh, as summarized below:

Weaving The product manufactured using the this technique is called as wire mesh. Wires made from metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, bronze, brass, and other alloys are used to manufacture different types of wire mesh products. Like textile weaving, the wire mesh has many patterns, such as plain crimp, intermediate crimp, lock crimp, twill, plain dutch weave, twill dutch, twill double dutch, raw edge, selvedge, and stranded.

Welding The product manufactured using the ERW technique is called as welded mesh. This process uses a semi-automatic or fully automatic welding machine that has a chamber in which the metal rods are laid out at 90° angle and the joints are welded using ERW. Welded mesh is made from different metals depending on its end application.

The wire mesh and welded mesh are covered with a protective anti-corrosion coating of primers, paints, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), powder-coating, galvanising, and electroplating.

Applications of metal mesh

Metal mesh is a highly versatile product manufactured in numerous metal types and finishes, including very tiny, high-grade mesh used in medical stents for hearts and huge gabion baskets laid on a river bed.

Construction The construction sector uses metal mesh for screening, classifying, sieving, filtration, security nets, air duct covers, fencing, and many other such applications.

Aerospace The aerospace sector has numerous uses of the metal mesh, such as for use as filters in the aviation casting, encased in composite materials for added benefits such as temperature resilient cores for doorways, windows, and hatch seal, for providing support bushing for the fuel engine injector pipe, for anti-vibration properties, electromagnetic compatibility, and other electrical screening applications.

Oil and gas The oil and gas sector involves hazardous situations which makes safety a prime concern. Different forms of metal mesh are used for heating-ventilating-air conditioning (HVAC), flame and spark arresting, filtration, demisting, gas detection, insulation, and hazard signalling, to name a few.

Automotive Metal mesh is used in the automotive sector in exhaust systems, wraps, catalytic convert seals, silencers, as packing for mufflers, separating rings, substrates, in noise attenuation, dust control, anti-vibration, and heat shielding.

Apart from the aforementioned sectors, industries such as medical, food processing, paper and pulp, chemical, electronics, telecommunication, marine, drilling, agriculture, transport, and military use metal mesh for multiple applications.

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