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About Metal Roofing Sheet

Metal roofing is a very old system of creating roofs from sheets and pieces of metals. The oldest metal roofs go back to 1280 AD at the Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Germany, which is now a world cultural heritage structure. Metal roofing utilizes a variety of metal such as steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, and stainless steel as shingles, tiles, and sheets. Metal roofing has gained wide popularity over other materials such as: fiberglass, asphalt shingles, and felt, due to its multitude of advantages over other materials. Metal roofing sheets are used for roof construction of residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Types of Metal Roofing Sheets

Choosing the right metal roofing material requires consideration of the location, weather conditions, atmospheric conditions, and structure type. As the roof of any structure has to bear the external weather conditions throughout the year, many factors are involved in the decision of which type of material is the right choice for the metal roofing sheet. The 5 types of metal roofing sheets along with their benefits and disadvantages are described below:

Aluminum metal roofing sheets

Aluminum metal has an innate strength to withstand corrosive atmospheric conditions. Though Aluminium roofing sheets are used widely in the coastal regions, due to their property of resistance to salt preventing corrosion, the use of aluminium is limited due to it being expensive. In locations subjected to high wind forces, hail storms and atmospheric stress due to weather changes, the aluminium metal roofing sheets if used can be damaged easily, and turn costly to maintain.

Zinc metal roofing sheets

Zinc as a metal has an astonishing property of healing any kind of scratches over its surface, using its patina. It is soft and easily formed into any type of shape, making it a great choice with the commercial structures. Being a green metal due to its low melting point, working with Zinc metal roofing sheets requires lesser energy than other materials. There is however a downside to using zincs as metal roofing sheet. When exposed directly to water, Zinc metal will have a chalk residue on its surface making it highly unappealing. This metal like copper is expensive and soft. Regions not subjected to constant rain, hail, and high wind forces find zinc metal roofing sheets to be a good choice to create an aesthetic and creative roofing structure.

Steel metal roofing sheets

Steel is used in each and every aspect of structural construction. Being an alloy created using iron, carbon, and other materials, steel has emerged as a champion in all metals for all structural purposes. Steel metal roofing sheets are widely used in comparison to other metals now. With a multitude of advantages such as economical in price, great strength, flexible, reusable, readily available, recycled easily, durable, and many other benefits, steel metal roofing sheets are becoming the choice for every roofing system in any location or weather conditions.

Steel metal roofing sheets are primarily of 3 kinds. Galvanized steel metal roofing, Galvalume steel roofing, and weathering steel roofing sheets. These 3 different sheets use zinc, aluminium, and alloy to build further the properties of steel, and specifically to cater to different environmental conditions and requirements of a structure. At SteelScout, we have many years of experience supplying metal roofing sheets across the UK to varied sectors for residential, commercial and industrial roofing purposes. We understand the right type of metal roofing sheet requirements, and supply the best materials for your projects. Various shapes such as corrugated sheets, profiling sheets, tile form sheets, insulated sheets, and customized size and shapes, are available in stock.

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