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About Mild Steel Bar Stock

There are essentially two types of steel bars in the market. This include: Mild steel bars and deformed steel bars. Let's focus intact on mild steel bar stock. Also called “low carbon steel”, mild steel is a type of carbon steel with a low amount of carbon. While its ranges differ basis the source, the typical amount of carbon found in the mild steel bar stock ranges from 0.05% to 0.25% by weight unlike the higher carbon steels with carbon content ranging from 0.30% to 2.0%. The steel beyond these ranges are classified as cast iron. The mild steel bars are plain in surface and come in round sections of diameter from 6 to 50 mm. Its advantage is that the rods are manufactured out of it are long in length and can easily be cut and bent quickly without any damage.

Since mild steel bar stock is not an alloy steel, it does not have a large composition of other elements except iron. The different composition of mild steel bar stock makes it have different characteristics such as:

  • • It is more ductile, machinable and weldable when compared with high carbon and other steels.
  • • It has very less tensile strength because of very less amount of carbon and other alloying elements.
  • • It is magnetic because of the high amounts of iron and ferrite.
  • • If they are not coated well, they are prone to oxidation.
  • • When compared with others, they are more affordable.

How is mild steel bar stock manufactured?

The process of making mild steel bar stock is not much different from other carbon steels. One of the most common way to make mild steel is to combine iron ore and coal. The coal and iron ore are first extracted from the earth and then melted together in a blast furnace. Once the coal and iron ore are melted, the mixture is shifted to another furnace to kill any other impurities that it may have. It also makes other adjustments to the mild steel’s chemical composition.

Once this process is finished, the steel is made to solidify into a rectangular shape which is then brought down to the required size with the help of processes such as hot rolling or cold drawing. Mild steel bar stock is available in various grades such as grade 43, grade 43a, grade 50b, and grade 50d.

Now, the most important aspect, where is this mild steel bar stock used? It would not be wrong to say that mild steel is omni-present. Yes, it can be found everywhere since it is that common. It is so versatile, cost-effective and easy to manufacture that its use is irresistible. Looking at its contemporary uses, mild steel bars can be found being used from agriculture to heavy machinery industry. Here’s some uses in detail:

  1. Steel frame buildings: For its unique properties, mild steel bar stock is favourite of many when it comes to building construction. Due to its high strength, mild steel is used extensively as a building frame material. For construction specifically, mild steel is also a lucrative option because it meets the strict seismic or wind requirements very well and cannot be damaged by insects, rotting and fire.

  2. Pipelines: The mild steel bars are very popular for their use in poles and pipes. Thanks to the ductility of the mild steel that the pipes and poles can easily bear weather and other unexpected consequences outside. Mild steel pipelines are highly preferred choice for the transportation of water, natural gas etc. Another advantage of using mild steel is it is easily weldable which allows to avoid cracks and breaking under pressure. They damage can be saved by welding it in time.

  3. Machinery: Machinery parts need strength, ductibility and hardness. What could be a better option than mild steel bar stock here, a combination of iron and carbon! While the feature of weldability wins over everything else, the mild steel helps saving numberless hours of machining, forging and heat treatment as they need only the most minor of final shaping once they are cooled down.

  4. Cookware: Might sound off tangent, but mild steel bar stock is used heavily in cookware. It may not be common for regular household purposes but it is a very popular choice amongst chefs and food scientists. Its ability to avoid rusting, holding an edge, staying sharp for long, higher temperature limit and non-stickiness, makes it the perfect material to be used in cookware.

  5. Aesthetic gates and fencing: Who would not want something that is both-durable, reliable and yet visually aesthetic! Metal gating and fencing is not a good option if it is not weldable and here, mild steel fits the best. While it gives strength to the object, it also makes it visually appealing that one can just not resist it. Once painted, it becomes long-lasting, low maintenance, and anti-corrosion.

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