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About Mild Steel Box Section

A mild steel box section is also known as electric resistance welding (ERW) tube, square steel, or mild steel hollow section. It is a square or rectangular box manufactured from mild steel. Hollow sections are produced from structural steel using the hot-rolled, cold-rolled, or ERW process. The tubular form of the hollow sections is equipped with a better strength-to-weight ratio. We have professional suppliers who ensure that you get affordable prices and speedy delivery for all your products. We believe in customer satisfaction, and deliver only high-quality, certified steel to our customers. We are professional suppliers with CE certification up to execution class 4. We also ensure safety and authenticity for each steel product you procure through SteelScout.

Production, types, shapes, grades, and finishes

Hollow mild steel box sections are made using various grades of mild steel in a square or rectangular shape. These are long products formed through the process of seamless welding.

Square and rectangular hollow box sections are produced using the hot-rolled or cold-rolled technique. In this process, a mild steel strip is subjected to reheating and rolling in order to bend both sides of the strip into a mother tube. The two sides are then welded together using high-frequency welding. The blurs are removed, and the section is subjected to cooling. After cooling, the section undergoes the forming process to create its final precise shape. The formed hollow section is then cut to length and the cut lengths further undergo the process of oiling and pickling, painting, galvanising, and priming to provide anti-corrosive protection.

Square and rectangular ERW box sections are produced by cold-forming a mild steel strip into a circular mother tube. An electric current is passed through the two edges of the rolled strip, heating it so that the edges can be bonded together. There is no welding filler used in this technique. The rolled strip is then seam annealed and subjected to water quenching, after which the rolled mother tube is passed through a reducing roller which creates the required size of the square or rectangular shape. The section is then cut to length and passed through straightening rollers to remove any unevenness. The last stage consists of providing any additional anti-corrosive protection to the formed box section.


SteelScout has a wide range of hollow structural steel products. The most commonly supplied box sections are as follows: • Square hollow section, available in steel grades S235JR and S355J2H, with a self-colour finish. • Square ERW box section, available in steel grade E220, with a self-colour finish. • Rectangular hollow section, available in steel grades S235JR and S355J2H, with a self-colour finish. • Rectangular ERW box section, available in steel grade E220, with a self-colour finish. We also provide services such as cutting, notching, bending, polishing, painting, priming, or self-colour finishes of this product. Stocks of any quantity for mild steel box sections in a wide range of sizes and thickness are readily available within our supplier network.

Applications and uses

This product has a wide variety of uses and applications. Being hollow and light, the box section provides a better strength-to-weight ratio and greater spans in comparison to other rolled sections.

The box sections have a better visual appeal and their looks are further enhanced with powder-coating and painting, while the hollow provides a cavity space for running wires, fluids, or creating decorative effects via notching, punching, and drilling artistic gaps.

This product is very durable, along with the added advantage of its hollow section and is easy to weld, cut, and drill.

Fabricating frames, scaffolding, metal furniture, roll cages, building structures, fences, railings, vehicle trailers, light automotive vehicle frames, ducting, and many other structures is quite easy with box section.

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We also supply a wide range of mild steel including Structural Sections, Tubing, Sheet, Merchant Bar, Re-Rolled Steel, Hollow Sections, Rebar, Flooring and Mesh, available in standard as well as custom dimensions for all your project needs. Simply tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a quote in 20 minutes to 3 hours. Once we receive the purchase order, we will complete your order and deliver to suit your requirements.

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