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About Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is usually available in a variety of metal grades and quality standards; however, ensuring that certified sheet metal is of the right industrial standard is key to completing your projects successfully. Buying sheet metal conforming to all the quality standards from a reputed and reliable sheet metal supplier, like SteelScout, has great advantages and benefits. You save time, money, effort, and get great quality CE certified sheet metal, customised to your needs, and ready to be delivered to your location the next day.

Types, grades, and finish of sheet metal

Sheet metal suppliers provide various options of sheet metal supplies to choose from. Some of the commonly supplied sheet metal products are mild steel sheet metal, stainless steel sheet metal, copper sheet metal, and aluminium sheet metal. Although there are many variants of sheet metal, the aforementioned ones are the most widely used. Sheet metal is stocked as hot-rolled, cold-reduced, pickled and oiled, galvanised, and zinc-coated.

Hot-rolled, pickled and oiled steel sheet and coil:

This sheet metal is produced per BSI EN 10111:2008 specifications for grade DD11. It is widely used due to its excellent drawing and forming properties. The metal sheet coils are produced by hot-rolling and further processed for pickling in a hydrochloric acid bath to clean the surface scaling. Once pickled, the coil is then subjected to rinsing, drying, and oiling to provide anti-corrosive protection.

Cold-rolled steel metal sheet and coil–

This sheet metal is produced per the BSI EN 10130:2006 specifications for grade DC01. Hot-rolled steel is further processed for reduction and annealing. The additional processes impart greater strength and smoother surface finish to the metal sheet.

Galvanised and zinc-coated metal sheets

Galvanised metal sheets are produced per BSI EN 10346:2015 specifications for grades DX51D + Z, and DX52D + Z. Zinc-coated metal sheets are cold-rolled sheets produced per BSI EN 10152:2017 specifications for grades DC01+ZE 25/25 with a 2.5-micron zinc coating.

Sectors using sheet metal

Sheet metal suppliers cater to various sectors. Being a highly versatile metal product having a thin dimension, its uses are varied:

• Construction: Used for roofs, gutters, wall coverings, domes, and ceilings • Automotive: Used in vehicle body and other components • Aerospace: Used in aircraft body, cabinets, and internal parts

Other applications of sheet metal include framework enclosures, corrugated roofing, industrial fans, machinery body, domestic appliances, cutlery, food processing industries, chemical and medical industries, marine, oil and gas, mining, and agricultural industries.

Quality United Kingdom (UK) steel manufacturers are required to adhere strictly to the quality standards set by the British Standards (BSI) and the European Committee of standardization (EN). Each sheet metal product must conform to the standards of manufacturing, processing, and finishing in order to certify for the CE quality mark. Only CE-marked sheet metal can be used for any kind of project works in the UK region.

For any metal sheets needs, SteelScout’s website allows for online ordering with added benefits:

• Certified quality metal sheets • Test certificates of all products provided • Ability to fulfil orders for any metal type, grade, gauge, and finish customised cut to length, or as in stock • Next day delivery of order • Competitive price quotes provided in as little as 20 minutes • Credit available within 30 minutes of verification • 45-days interest-free credit • Value-added services such as cutting, notching, punching, forming, galvanising, priming, painting, powder coating, and much more

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We also supply a wide range of mild steel including Structural Sections, Tubing, Sheet, Merchant Bar, Re-Rolled Steel, Hollow Sections, Rebar, Flooring and Mesh, available in standard as well as custom dimensions for all your project needs. Simply tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a quote in 20 minutes to 3 hours. Once we receive the purchase order, we will complete your order and deliver to suit your requirements.

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We also provide you with 45-days interest-free credit for buying products, get approved in less than 24 hours. So, order fast and get your product, and get an additional benefit of free delivery.

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