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About Stainless Steel Tube

Stainless steel tube is a hollow, round, long tube manufactured using a single, solid block of stainless steel, rounded or rolled from stainless steel strips. It belongs to the product range of structural hollow sections. It is used in the manufacturing of tubes due to its excellent anti-corrosive properties and non-reactive surface features. Other properties such as ductility and strength add to its advantages for use in this application.


The process of making stainless steel tubes involves hot-rolling and cold-rolling techniques. There are two specific processes in the manufacturing of this product, mandrel mill process and plug mill process.

The mandrel mill process uses a solid billet which is heated in a rotary hearth heating furnace. The heated round billet is then pushed and pierced through its core using a metal piercer. This action causes a hollow shell to be formed. The hollow tube is then rolled by the mandrel mill to reduce its outer diameter and shell thickness. This hollow tube is then reheated and subjected to further reduction in dimensions using the stretch reducer. The hollow, reduced stainless steel tube is allowed to cool before being processed further. The cooled tube is cut into custom lengths and further processed for straightening and surface finishing.

The plug mill process also uses a solid round billet which undergoes uniform heating in the rotary hearth furnace. In this process, the heated steel billet is pierced and reduced by a piercer and reeling machine simultaneously. The tube is then cut to size and subjected to straightening process. In the plug mill process, the entire operation is performed using heat treatment and hot working.

In both processes, after the tubes are straightened, they are further processed for annealing, quenching, tempering, pickling, and finishing.

Type of stainless steel tubes

A wide variety of stainless steel tubes are manufactured to suit the application needs of different projects for various industries. Tubular, circular ERW, and circular hollow sections are the standard shapes in which this product is produced.

Customised tubes are also manufactured to cater to decorative and speciality project works such as sculptured tubes, round convex tubes, flat oval ERW tubes, rectangular ERW tubes, square ERW tube, tunnel section ERW tube, cold drawn seamless round hydraulic tube, and more. Call SteelScout to cater to your specialised requirements for stainless steel tubes.

Grades, finish, and uses

These tubes can be manufactured using different grades of stainless steel. Some of the most common steels grades used are presented below for specific stainless tube types

  • Tubes: Tube of grade BS1387 is also known as an unfinished or black pipe. This tube is given a galvanised or self-colour finish and has plain ends. The thickness of the tube walls is either medium or heavy, with a diameter range of 1/2” to 6” bore. This tube is generally used for oil, diesel, and fuel lines, fire protection systems, low-pressure systems, handrails, and multiple other applications that require welding and additional coating of the tube to suit the project needs.

  • __Circular ERW__: Tubes of circular ERW shape are also known as precision tubes. These are manufactured as hot-rolled, cold-formed, or through ERW. Steel of grade E220 is utilised for making these tubes. They are mill manufactured using stainless steel sheets bent using rollers to make the sides meet. The sides are then welded together using ERW along its entire length. The finish of such tubes is usually in self-colour. The stainless steel circular ERW tubes are versatile and their applications range from automotive, fencing, scaffolding, electrical, storage racks, fabrications, and many more. These tubes have a high carrying capacity, are easy to manipulate, with appealing aesthetic looks.
  • __Circular hollow section__: Circular hollow section tubes are manufactured through a hot- or cold-rolling process, generally using steel of grades S235JR and S355J2H. The finish of this tube is self-colour with plain ends and seamless weld. Its applications are seen in architectural, infrastructural, industrial, engineering, construction, and other sectors for different fabrication needs.

SteelScout supplies all types of stainless steel tubes in stock length or customised as per requirement. Additional finishing of the product is available, such as galvanising, powder-coating, and painting.

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