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About Steel Box Section

Steel box sections, or structural tubing sections, are square or rectangular hollow steel sections made with equal or unequal dimensions. These box sections are also known as SHS (Square) or RHS (Rectangular) as based on their shape. The thickness of steel box sections ranges from 2 mm to 10 mm depending on their application. Steel RHS is generally used to construct frames by welding pieces of these sections together, while the steel SHS are more prominently used for creating columns in the steel frame. At SteelScout, you can place your order for steel box sections, and provide cutting specifications as per your requirements, saving yourself a lot of valuable time and cost when assembling on site. We supply only CE certified steel box sections of the best quality, cut precisely as required. We also offer standard stock sizes.

Manufacture, Specification and Properties:

Steel box sections are manufactured using welding techniques, and cold forming. These processes further comprise of specialized techniques to create the SHS and RHS box sections.

Welding Process

The Electric resistance welding (ERW) process is used to create the box shape of a hollow steel section. A flat strip of steel is placed in a tube mill, which is then rolled into a circular tube shape using high-frequency induction process or contact weld.

Form Square welding process uses a weld mill to shape the steel strip ends to top corners. This rolling process creates the shape by folding the strip of steel into a square, or a rectangular shape using the formation dies. The four sides thus formed are then welded using high-frequency contact welding technique, as the box nears its required shape and size.

Cold Forming

Cold forming of steel box sections is done using: roll formation process or press brake method.

Roll forming is the process of using coiled steel strip, which has been cut in length and width as per the required final box section dimension. The cut strip is welded to another strip of steel and rolled into a circular hollow section using profiling rolls. The rolled steel strip is then forged and welded continuously along its length. After cooling of the rolled welded strip of steel, it is placed through shaping rollers to create the square or rectangular shaped box section.

Press Braking process is more used for creating circular hollow sections, which are large in size and quantity, as it is uneconomical to manufacture them using the roll forming process.

Steel box sections with their hollow cross-section provide higher strength in comparison to their weight proportion and have a better visual appeal to structural works. Steel box sections have uniform strength, and high torsion strength against buckling due to their hollow cross-section. The box sections are easy to cut, bend, and weld into other connecting structures.

Visit SteelScout for buying steel box sections, manufactured using high-end quality processes and CE certified markings, for your projects. All dimensions and sizes are available in stock, ready to deliver, with our suppliers.

Uses of steel box sections

Steel box sections are used for multiple structural constructions and fabricating works:

  • Used as support for external building facades.
  • Creating visually appealing visible columns.
  • Support structures such as roofing.
  • Railings.
  • Fabricating residential housing structures.
  • Transport sector uses box section in creating body frame of buses, trailers, and many other vehicles.
  • Factories involved in food processing use it for conveyor belts and other machinery.
  • Roadways, traffic route signs, and highway direction frames.

Box section is found to be highly useful, economical, convenient, and a great choice amongst other steel products due to its strength and versatility.

Buying steel box sections from SteelScout

SteelScout can supply a variety of shapes of steel box section including: Square ERW, Square Hollow, Rectangular ERW, and Rectangular Hollow section. If you need cutting, bending, galvanizing, or any other value-add services, send us your details and we will deliver your final product as per your requirements.

We supply only CE Certified steel, which stands as a mark of quality conforming to the European Conformity. Your order would be delivered the next day, or as per your required schedule along with the test certificate, if requested for your ordered products. Our supplied products have high resilience and high fatigue limits, with outstanding finish quality.

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