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About Steel Channels

Steel Channels are hollow sections of steel sheets which are hot rolled into either a C or U shape. They consist of a vertical web and side flanges that are parallel or tapered giving it a unique shape. The three distinguished C Channels widely used are categorised as I beam, W beam, and H beam; with their shapes resembling the alphabets. C Channels are also known as Parallel Flange Channel (PFC) or Tapered Flange Channel (TFC). In the UK, C Channels are measured by depth, the width of flange and kilogram/metre while the U Channel is measured by its depth, height of the flange and the thickness of its web in millimetres. C Channels are considered more versatile than its counterpart U Channels as it’s easy to work them into any required shape without any special tools or machines. The carbon content is lower in C Channels hence allowing them to be customised easily. Both Steel Channels are simple and customisable in their lengths, shape, mechanical property and surface appeal. They have gained popularity due to the versatility it offers a project. At SteelScout, you can place your order for steel box sections, and provide cutting specifications as per your requirements, saving yourself a lot of valuable time and cost when assembling on site. We supply only CE certified steel box sections of the best quality, cut as required. We also offer standard stock sizes.


These are broadly categorised into 4 types:

Steel Structural Channel (C Channel)

C Channel or Steel Structural Channel is utilised in construction and manufacturing of various structures.

Steel MC Channel (Ship and Car Channel)

The Steel MC flange slope is lesser than the common C Channel flange slope. These are used mostly in marine vessels and automotive fabrication. The Steel MC Channels are also used for purlins, diaphragm, stiffeners and ribs.

Steel Junior Channel (Stair Stringer Channel)

Steel Junior Channel is a light weight version of the C Channel and is used in fabricating pre-engineered housing designs and stair stringers.

Steel U Channel (Bar Channel)

The Steel U Channel is smaller in its size compared to the C Channel. The utilisation of the U channel is common in the framing of wire mesh, metal panes, glass panels, railings, tracks for sliding doors, automated machinery tracks, wheel coverings and much more.


These are a preferred choice with architectural designs due to strength, versatility, durability, and repeatability. The properties and ease of using them in fabrication or pre-fabrication of structures have led to high demand for this in the UK. The customisation in terms of dimensions along with the availability of this material has made it a popular choice across the construction sector. In comparison with other materials, these products are preferred due to long term durability in performance and cost.

Sectors using Steel Channels

The C channel is widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries due to its versatile nature from a design perspective and easy, effortless installation quality. Construction industries highly favour the use of C Channels in the building of frameworks, wall frames, vertical supports, sliding structures, roof rafters, door frames, window frames, joists, stairs, trusses, railings, and many more uses. The unique shape and section strength of these products also make them a perfect product in building frames for garages, warehouses, bracing, pipework, cabling, ductwork, and much more. Automotive Industries prefer them for building trailers and creating the main frame rails and for multiple other uses. From fabricating the body structure to additional modifications of an automotive vehicle to agricultural machinery parts and equipment; these products have many uses in the transportation sector.

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