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About Steel Girders

Metal girders are commonly mistaken for steel beams. Though they may resemble each other, steel girders are collector beams. Steel girders are larger in size compared to steel beams and are used to provide horizontal support to a structure while supporting smaller steel beams. Steel girders have a higher load-bearing capacity than steel beams and can carry dynamic changing loads and rolling loads easily. Smaller steel beams transfer their load to girders, which in turn transfer that load to the columns. Steel girders are used mainly for large-scale structures to provide the required structural stability. Girders are manufactured by welding steel plates together and creating a reinforcing of frames, beams, ribs, spacers, and stiffeners, to create the strong hollow structure of a girder. When manufacturing girders, a small curvature is maintained in steel girders deliberately to allow it to straighten under its weight when held in place. Most widely used for bridges, large warehouses, factories, and cranes, steel girders are an integral part when constructing a strong framework. SteelScout supplies girders customised as per your project needs and specifications, using the best quality CE certified steel. Send us your project details, and we will fulfil your order.

Types of Steel Girders

Steel girders are available in different shapes such as: I-beam, Box girder, Plate girder, and Gantry girder.

I- beam Girder

I-beam girders are commonly used in the construction of bridges and structural frameworks to create Joists, Truss, and, Purlin.

Box Girder

Box girders are hollow, rectangular, box-shaped steel sections. It is made from either rolled or welded steel. Box girders have high torsion resistance and are used in the construction of bridges due to their superior ability to resist buckling under lateral torsion force.

Plate Girder

I-beams are fabricated using steel plates, which are welded, riveted, or bolted together forming a vertical web, and horizontal flange of the beam.

Gantry Girder

Factories, warehouses, and many manufacturing units use overhead travelling cranes, to lift and transport heavy materials and equipment from one place to another. A gantry girder supports the crane, and lifted loads, by bearing the weight and stress.

Girders customised to the required size, shape, dimension, material type, and quantity in all grades and finishes are supplied by SteelScout. Our 70+ suppliers and processors are experienced in handling all kinds of steel girder requirements. Be it a world-class bridge or a huge warehouse construction project, SteelScout will provide you with the best prices for all your steel girder requirements.

Sectors using Steel Girders

Steel girders are used largely in construction activity and frameworks. The sectors requiring steel girders for construction of their industrial, commercial, and residential structures are:


Construction of bridges use various kinds of girders as per the design of a bridge or warehouses, which are huge in size, and need girders to create structurally strong roofing frameworks. Garage, support walls, platforms, and much more are constructed using steel girders where there is a requirement of high load-bearing capacity.


Architectural firms are choosing steel girders to design creative building arcs, and domes. Steel girders help in creating the strong support required, while being flexible to be bent into required shape that is aesthetically pleasing.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries are using steel girders to create cantilever crane system, to lift huge loads of their manufactured goods that need to be shifted for storage and transportation. Girders with their high load bearing capacity, and ability to not buckle under stress, are an ideal choice of material to withstand such high loads for a long period of time and perform effectively.

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