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About Steel Sheet

Steel sheets are thin, flat, and mostly rectangular shaped pieces, having a thickness of 3 mm or lesser gauge. Different kinds of steel sheets are manufactured using various steel metals and combining steel with other alloys. The steel sheet manufacturing process involves: melting, pouring, pickling, rolling, bending, annealing, and reducing to create the final finished product of steel sheets, rolled in coils or flat strips.

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Sheet - Steel DD11

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Specification, Types, and Features of Steel Sheets

Steel sheets are manufactured using hot rolling, or cold rolling process. A steel sheet is made from various kind of steel such as: carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, bimetallic plated sheet, and protective coated steel sheet.

Hot rolled steel sheets

These are manufactured by heating steel to very high temperatures, and then rolling the semi-finished billets or slabs of steel to reduce their thickness to 3mm or less. These sheets are rolled, annealed, and then cut using machines into rectangular or other desired shapes and sizes.

Cold rolled steel sheets

These are by-products of hot rolled steel sheets. Cold rolled steel sheets are manufactured at normal temperatures unlike hot rolled steel sheet. Hot rolled steel sheets first go through pickling process in a light acidic solution. These pickled sheets go through a series of processes such as washing, brushing, drying, oiling, and unrolling. Once the sheets are unrolled, they are passed through a mill to reduce their thickness and finish the cold rolling process. On achieving the desired thickness, the cold rolled steel sheets are cut into rectangular, and other shapes as per requirement. Cold rolled steel has a smoother finished surface in comparison with hot rolled steel sheet. The dimension of cold rolled steel sheet has higher accuracy on its thickness, length, and width. The strength of cold rolled steel sheet is more than that of a hot rolled steel sheet.

SteelScout supplies both types of steel sheets in different size, shape, and thickness gauges. All types of steel sheets are readily available for supply with our 70+ suppliers and can be delivered next day to your location as per your order specification.

Industrial Sectors using Steel Sheets

Steel sheets are utilized by different industries such as:

Automotive Sector

uses cold rolled steel sheets due to its smooth surface finish, and dimensions. For manufacturing parts and body of a light vehicle, or heavy-duty trucks, steel sheets are widely used by this sector.

Manufacturing Units

use hot rolled steel sheet for manufacturing pipes, steel doors, tanks, household items and many other products. From elevators to freezers, steel sheets are used to manufacture the strong exterior body of such units to resist corrosion, while having strength.

Construction sector

has a wider utilization of steel sheets. From creating gutters to roofing, galvanized steel sheets are used for staircases, platforms, side walls, bridges, railings, sign poles, highway roadside protection barriers, girders and many others.

Steel sheets can be found in almost all sectors used for: flooring or as a roofing material. SteelScout has a variety of CE certified steel sheets to match your requirement at the best prices.

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SteelScout will provide you with cutting, galvanizing, coating, and other value-added services when you procure your steel sheet from us. Let us know how you need your steel sheets, and we will supply as per your requirements.

SteelScout makes online buying of steel sheets hassle-free and quick. SteelScout fulfills your orders as per your expectations in quality, quantity, price, time, and delivery.

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We also supply a wide range of mild steel including Structural Sections, Tubing, Sheet, Merchant Bar, Re-Rolled Steel, Hollow Sections, Rebar, Flooring and Mesh, available in standard as well as custom dimensions for all your project needs. Simply tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a quote in 20 minutes to 3 hours. Once we receive the purchase order, we will complete your order and deliver to suit your requirements.

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