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About Zintec

ZinTec is the trade name for the steel formerly manufactured under Corus (now TATA Steel Europe). It involves the process of uniformly coating mild steel sheets and coils using electrogalvanisation with zinc on one or both sides of the sheet.

Producing ZinTec Steel

Mild steel coils and sheets undergo an electrogalvanising process of coating with a layer of zinc to increase the corrosion resistance of the metal. The electrogalvanising process of steel using zinc was invented around the 1800s. Since then, this process continues to evolve till date to improve the electrolyte used for plating. Plating with zinc began in the early 20th century using cyanide-based electrolyte. With innovations taking place in the 1960s, electrolytes based in acid chloride were developed. Later, in the 1980s, alkaline electrolytes were reintroduced, however with the exemption of cyanide.

Electroplating uses different elements for the plating bath. It can be an acidic, alkaline, or cyanide bath depending on the type of protection that the treated steel requires in a particular environment. The electrolyte plating bath requires to conform to the European Union directives which prohibit any element, such as cyanide, that can be a health hazard to be used, owing to its toxicity. Acidic plating electrolyte solutions are used in places where treatment of effluent is a major concern and the coating requires a certain level of deposit. An alkaline electrolyte plating solution is used when a good throwing power is required to deposit the zinc coating uniformly. Coating the steel with zinc has been proven to provide greater corrosion resistance to steel products and increase their lifespan. The zinc coating gives the steel a beautiful matte blue or grey coloured look, although this is not decorative steel.


The cost of ZinTec steel sheets and coils is slightly higher than the normal mild steel products. However, the benefit of using this steel product includes protection from rust, offered by the thin coating of zinc, when stored exposed, unlike uncoated/untreated mild steel. The weight and strength of this steel product is equivalent to a mild steel product.

This steel is easy to weld as the coating is thin. It allows spot-welding and metal inert gas (MIG) or tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding through the zinc coating. All kinds of processes such as punching, cutting, shearing, and welding are possible with this kind of steel, however the zinc coating wears off during such processes and hence the corrosion resistance ability is reduced. To overcome this small setback, additional painting or powder-coating is required to be done. The zinc-coated surface serves as a good substrate for painting. The final appearance of this steel is much better than mild steel.


ZinTec sheets and coils are largely used for manufacturing domestic and industrial appliances. Some of the common uses of this steel are listed below:

It is used to manufacture the external bodies of appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers, microwave ovens, dryers, heater, kitchen stoves, and many other such products

Furniture items such as cabinets, shelves, cupboards, desk, chairs, and tables also use this steel as it is light-weight and has good anti-corrosive properties. Additionally, the zinc-coated surface allows painting it easily due to good surface adhesion Copy machines, printers, flat panel displays, heavy-duty generators, outdoor units of air conditioners, highway road signposts, and electric toys, such as motor vehicles and bikes find this steel to be better suited than mild steel due to its protective covering.

With such a wide variety of uses and benefits, this steel is finding more buyers with time. Especially useful for household repairs and other projects, it can be stored under normal conditions without worrying about rust due to atmospheric reactions. At SteelScout, we supply ZinTec steel sheets, plates, and coils of all grades for any quantity. We supply certified products with a thin zinc coating to provide you with the best corrosion-resistant steel sheets, strips, plates, and coils. Specialised cutting per specifications is available along with other value-added services, such as painting, punching, shearing, and many more.

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