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About Angle Iron

Steel angles are also known as angle irons or steel angle bars, depending on how they are formed. The shape formation process uses either hot-rolled or cold-rolled carbon steel. A steel angle formed using hot-rolled steel is known as angle iron, while that formed using cold-rolled angle iron is known as a rolled angle. With a strong resemblance to the letter ‘L’, a steel angle is formed with a 90° bent angle between its two sides. The sides of an angle iron can be equal or unequal in size, resulting in two subtypes, namely equal angle and unequal angle. Angles with more than 90° bent between their webs are known as V-angles. Buy Angle Iron Today

Difference between Hot-rolled and Cold-rolled Angle Iron

A hot-rolled angle iron has well-rounded outside edges with tapered sides of unequal thicknesses, and a sharp square outside corner.

A cold-rolled angle iron is more distinctive with its slit edges, uniform thickness of sides, and the outside corner rounded off.

A cold-rolled angle iron has multiple advantages of allowing pre- and post-notch in-line operations such as creating holes, slots, notches, perforating, and mitres, while being in the flat state. The uniform thickness and flatness of the cold-rolled angle iron gives it this advantage. With the hot-rolled angle iron, such operations have to be done off-line which incurs additional expense and time. The tapered legs of a hot-rolled angle iron prevents completion of these additional processes during its formation stage.

Cold-rolled angle iron has less scaling on its surface and is, thus, easier to prime, paint, or powder-coat, as compared to its hot-rolled counterpart.

Types of Angle Iron and Treatments

There are two types of angle irons, based on the web or side lengths of the angle, namely equal angle and unequal angle.

Equal angle irons derive their name from both their sides being equal in width. Unequal angle irons have one side wider than the other and are, thus, termed as an unequal angle.

Both types of angle irons are produced from either mild carbon steel or high strength, low-alloy carbon steel depending on their end use. The angle iron is accordingly subcategorised as light weight or heavy steel, respectively.

Angle steel is generally given three types of surface treatments which are black (untreated), hot-dipped galvanised, and painted to provide additional protection against corrosion.

Uses of Angle Iron

Angle iron, being a structural steel product, is used to create frameworks requiring joints formed at a 90° angle. It is easily available in different types of steel, grades, and finishes. Production of angle iron is cost-effective as these are quickly manufactured in bulk. Being highly versatile in its application utilities, angle iron is a popular choice of fabrication product for many industries such as marine, chemical, paper, food, petrochemical, pulp, automotive, telecommunication, and the construction industry. All these industries find angle iron to be a handy structural steel product in their daily applications.

  • Automotive: Body frameworks and trailers
  • Construction: Almost all frameworks, supporting joists and trusses, and any extension work require angle iron steel to hold together or join other pieces. This is the most commonly used product in the construction sector
  • Storage and Packing: Racks, shelves, frameworks, moving trolleys, and other types of equipment in the storage and packing industry are made using angle iron to effectively complete their production tasks
  • Furniture: Products such as shelves, cabinets, brackets, tanks, bracing, frames, enclosures, BBQ grills, trailer equipment, and many others utilise the versatile angle iron to create beautiful products

If you are unsure about the right type of angle iron to be used for your project, just give SteelScout a call and we will provide you with the right steel angle iron best suited for your project.

Benefits of Using Angle Iron

  • It is a low-cost structural product which is readily available
  • It has a high strength property which makes it ideal in supporting frameworks easily
  • It has a high strength property which makes it ideal in supporting frameworks easily
  • 100% Recyclable after its life-cycle
  • Being recyclable means it lowers the carbon emission and is deemed as environmentally friendly
  • The angle iron bars are easy to cut, weld, or drill
  • This is the most versatile structural steel product and can be used in many creative ways

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