Brass is an alloy made from a combination of copper and zinc in different proportions to make brass harder or softer as a metal. Other metals are also added as alloying elements to the copper-zinc mix such as aluminium, arsenic, and lead to make the end metal more machinable and increase corrosion resistance. Brass has good formability, ductility, malleability, and maintains its strength while being manufactured into various forms and shapes. Brass is also a good electrical and heat conductor. Other properties of brass include wear resistance, spark resistance, bacteriostatic, non-magnetic, low friction, good acoustics, and great aesthetic appeal.

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Merchant Bars
Sheet, Plate & Coil

Merchant Bars

Products made from brass in shapes such as Angles & Tees which are manufactured by hot or cold roll process belong to the merchant bar category. SteelScout supplies the best quality certified brass merchant bar products at competitive prices in various sizes, grades and finishes. Shop for certified brass merchant bars online at SteelScout, a premier supplier of quality metal products in the UK.

Hexagonal Bar

The brass hexagonal bar is solid and has excellent qualities such as good machinability, strength, great electrical conductivity, and smooth polished surface appearance. This 6 sided solid brass bar is precisely shaped with equal side lengths for applications which require precisely shaped bars. These bars are easy for drilling and forming due to their excellent machinability and are used for making ornamental items, braces, and other applications. The brass hexagonal bar is manufactured from CZ121 grade alloy and has a mill finish. The properties of the brass hexagonal bar made from CZ121 grade alloy are excellent anti-corrosive resistance, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, malleability and excellent machinability.

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Equal Angle

Brass equal angles are 90-degree equal sided angles manufactured from CZ130 grade of metal in mill finish. The CZ130 grade of brass equal angle has a yellow lustre and is machinable with good ductility. This grade of brass equal angle is hard, strong, and anti-corrosive. It is suitable for most of the environments due to its properties and has good soldering capability. Brass equal angle has good tensile strength and is suited for fabrication by hot forging method. The CZ130 grade of brass metal is known as an alpha alloy due to its overall excellent properties and as zinc content is less than 37%.

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