Bronze Bars

Manufacturing of bronze involves mixing copper with 10% tin providing it with far greater resistance to wearing than plain copper metal. Standard bronze metal consists of 88% copper and 12% tin. Bronze is highly ductile, malleable, and a good conductor of heat and electricity. Being an alloy metal, bronze is harder than copper or iron and has low friction property. Bronze metal when in contact with air forms a thin copper oxide layer on its surface preventing corrosion in normal atmospheric conditions.

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The PB102 grade is a Phosphor bronze alloy which constitutes mainly of copper. With its high fatigue strength, good mechanical properties, and ductility, this metal is used in manufacture of gears, bolts, nuts,springs, marine applications, chemical, and aircraft applications.

CA104 Grade Round

The CA 104 grade is an Aluminium Bronze alloy with high strength, excellent wear resistance, and great anti-corrosive properties. This grade of bronze round bar is most popular due to the enhanced properties of the alloy metal. This metal grade works well in marine condition due to its ability to resist saltwater corrosion and anti-oxidation property.

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NES833 Grade

The NES833 grade is a Nickel Aluminium Bronze alloy metal. This bronze grade round bars have high strength, corrosion resistance, hardness, and excellent wear resistance. The general uses of these bars are in defence sectors, ship building, heat exchanger, marine projects, and pressure vessels.

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PB102 Grade

SteelScout supplies a variety of bronze metal round bar products suited for various requirements from architectural to machine parts and other uses. We have an extensive range of bronze round bars in grades such as CA104, NES833, and PB102 with aluminium bronze and phosphor bronze finishes. To order certified quality bronze metal in any grade and finish, all you need to do is to provide us with the dimensions such as diameter and length for any quantity required along with any additional processing such as round bar grinding, drilling, heat treatments, rough machining, finish machining, saw cutting, and many others.

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