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About Flat Steel Bar

Flat steel bars are either square or rectangular in cross-section, with sharp square edges. They are also known as flat merchant bars, flat bars, steel flats, or steel bars. They belong to the flat products range and are made from hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel. They are used in general structural fabrication works, as they are easy to weld, bend, cut, punch, and form. Flat Steel Bar comes in two qualities, i.e. merchant bar quality or speciality bar quality.

How is the flat steel bar made?

Flat steel bars are manufactured from carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel. They are identified as hot-rolled or cold-finished, as per the manufacturing process used.

Hot-rolled flat steel bar A hot-rolled steel bar, with merchant bar quality, is produced using steel billets that are heated to high temperatures. The bar is formed using extrusion and is then processed for shape in the shaping roll mill. Forging of this bar gives it the desired shape- square, rectangular, or round. It is cooled after the rolling process.

Cold-finished flat steel bar A bar formed using hot-rolled steel undergoes further processing in this treatment. The bar is subjected to reheating, at a specific temperature, to prepare the surface and its grains for the drawing process. It is then mechanically drawn through a rolling die which reduces its thickness and increases the length using tensile force. The process of drawing the bar by this method increases its strength while giving it a better surface finish and precise dimensions.

SteelScout supplies flat steel bars in all grades and types of steel. Our supplier network is well-equipped to supply any quantity required with stock or customised lengths and finish. CE-marked cold-finish and hot-rolled flat steel bars of steel grade S275JR, S275J0, S355JR, S355J0, and S355J2 are readily available with us.


These kind of steel bars are widely used across all industries and sectors in general fabrication and repair works.

Construction These bars are easy to cut, weld, drill, and punch. With its high strength, good ductility, and durability, this bar can bear loads easily. Due to these properties, it is widely used in the construction industry as supporting material for braces, ladders, hangers, latches for gates, ducting, reinforcing support for repairs, and other such applications.

Automotive This bar, in its square shape with special steel quality and cold-forming process, is used to manufacture parts such as axels, pins, rods, spindle, shafts, and other such automotive components. Hot-rolled bars are used to create heavy vehicle frames, trailers, chassis, and body frames.

Manufacturing The manufacturing industry uses these bars of various grades of steel and metal types to make equipment for other sectors. Agricultural equipment and machinery parts and tools have many uses of the flat steel bar.

This bar is an all-purpose utility product for domestic industry in general repairs and maintenance works. The bar is used in creative artworks and architectural projects as it can be easily bent into different shapes.

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