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About I-Beam

I-beams are also known as universal beams, rolled steel joists (RSJs), I-sections, IPE, or IPN beams. The I-beam gets its name from the alphabet ‘I’. I-beams have a horizontal flange and a vertical web of equal or tapering thickness.

Production process

I-beams are manufactured using the hot-rolling process. Carbon steel, structural steel, aluminium, and other metals are used to produce products of three different sections:

  • Normal: Web and flange of aqual thickness.
  • Thin: Either the web or the flange is thinner than the other.
  • Thick: Either the web or the flange is thicker than the other.

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Grades and finishes

Commonly used steel grades for manufacturing I-beams include S275JR and S355JR. Other grades of higher strength and quality used for speciality projects are S275J0, S274J2, S355J0, and S355J2.

S275JR and S355JR grades are manufactured and stocked in bulk as they have a wider range of applications.

Shot-blasting, priming, painting, powder-coating, and self-colour finishes are provided to the hot-rolled I-beams for anti-corrosion protection and to further increase the life span. SteelScout is a leading supplier of CE-certified I-beams. Our sub-suppliers stock and supply all grades and finishes. We also provide value-added services to save you fabrication time. Processing and finishing services such as cutting, bending, galvanising, shot-blasting, priming, painting, and many more are readily available.

Uses of I-beams

I-beams are structurally capable of handling various amounts of deflection, bending, tension, buckling, and vibrational loads effectively. When subjected to load-bearing pressure, the horizontal flange takes the compression while the vertical web takes the tensile bending pressure.

They are used in various sectors, primarily for the fabrication of structures and frameworks. Almost all industries and sectors make use of the product as a supporting beam, truss, or main framework support. With their unique shape contributing immensely to their strength, bending ability, shear stress, and other characteristic properties, I-beams are the most widely used structural steel sections.

Some of the applications are listed below:

  • Supporting beams for construction work
  • Staircase frames
  • Supporting frames for trolley path, lift, and hoist
  • Mezzanines and platform frames
  • Heavy vehicle framing
  • Due to its versatility, their use of is not restricted to only the above applications

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