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About Metal Sheet

Metal sheet, also known as ‘sheet’ or ‘sheet metal,’ is generally a thin flat piece of metal formed in various shapes, sizes, grades, thickness, and finishes. A piece of metal requiring to be transformed into a sheet is stretched using industrial machinery till the required thickness, and dimensions are achieved. Metal sheets are formed using different kinds of metals to serve different utilization needs. Metals such as steel, iron, and aluminum are more commonly used raw materials in production and manufacture of metal sheets. There are many other metals and alloys such as tin, copper and brass, which are also used in the production of, metal sheets. SteelScout has a variety of metal sheets for you to choose from, on our online platform, in different sizes and thickness. You can choose from the 3 grades and finishes for your metal sheet orders, and provide cutting and finishing specifications as required. Metal Sheet forming process

A mechanical press and die is mostly used to form and manufacture metal sheets. The formation of a metal sheet process consists of the following steps:


In the bending process, strips of metal in small length are bent using dies, while brake press is used to bend longer lengths of metal strips. Using rollers, the strip is bent repeatedly to stretch the metal strip into thinner sections.


Metal is rolled using a hot or cold rolling process. The cold roll is manufactured using hot rolled metal using more process after it has cooled.

The hot rolling process of metal sheet involves rolling metal strips at high temperatures, which makes it easier to create the required form of the sheet.

The cold rolling process helps in attaining a better surface finish, has greater tolerance in thickness, and helps to prepare the sheet surface for further coatings.


During the spinning process, the rolled metal revolves at very high speeds against a spindle to which it has been pressed prior. This helps in shape formation.

Deep Drawing

The process of deep drawing involves creating cupping pressure on the metal sheet, using pressure pads and dies. This process of deep drawing eliminates any wrinkles from the metal sheet.


The stretching process uses a holder to draw the metal sheet into a cavity. The metal sheet is wrapped around the circumference of the holder, and clamped, allowing the thickness of the metal sheet to be turned thinner while being stretched.

Industries using Metal Sheet

Metal sheets are prominently used by almost all sectors and industries for varied purposes.

Construction The construction industry uses metal sheet extensively from roofing to surface covering, to anti-slip cladding protection.

Automotive The automotive industry used metal sheets for the manufacture of the vehicle body and parts.

Aerospace The aircraft external body, and internal cabin parts utilize metal sheet to a large extent, in various metal types and grades.

Electrical and Electronics Metal sheets can be found in electrical and electronic equipment such as, the body of a washing machine, refrigerators, air conditioner, parts and body of microwaves and other conductors and much more.

Manufacturing units Thin metal sheets are used by the manufacturing units to create cans, daily household products, and many other utility items, due to the thin section and materials, from which metal sheets are formed.

Metal sheets are very economical, and easy to use due to their ability to be cut in any type of shapes, the bending flexibility, and other characteristics depending on the material they are manufactured from.

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