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The United Kingdom (UK) is filled with metal manufacturers, stockist, suppliers, and processors for all types of metals and related products. Choosing the right metal supplier or metal product becomes a time-consuming activity when the options are too many. Some suppliers may have the product you need but they do not deliver to your location, while, some others who do deliver, may not have the required product in stock or per specifications. Running around, trying to find a metal supplier who performs consistently becomes an investment of time, effort, and money, often resulting in delays in the end.

Choosing the right metal supplies

In the world of metal supplies, there is a long list of existing products, that is growing rapidly with technological advancements. A good metal supplier has considerable knowledge about products and their associated processes, along with their advantages, applications, and uses. There is always an experienced team on the supplier’s side with a diverse portfolio, diligently working towards the customer’s benefit. This is the first step in identifying a good supplier. Since it may not be possible for a supplier to have all types of metal supplies stocked in all sizes and grades, suppliers tend to stick to a few core categories or a single category specialisation which makes their service unique, but also results in the customer having to purchase from multiple suppliers.

Metal supplies classification

Metal products are classified based on features such as the metal type, product manufacturing process, and product category. These three features serve as the primary classifiers.

• Metal Metal classification is done based on the final metal product, namely ferrous and non-ferrous, such as iron, steel, brass, bronze, aluminium, tin, copper, and others. Each of these metals is unique in its and characteristics when formed into a product.

• Manufacturing Metal products are manufactured through many different types of processes and techniques, but the primary processes are typically hot-rolling and cold-forming.

• Product Metal products while being manufactured are classified into categories, such as long products indicating length, flat products indicating thickness, expanded and mesh products indicating a specialised technique, hollow products indicating whether it is a pipe or tube, open and closed section products indicating whether it is a structural section with a solid or hollow core of different cross-sections, and many other such identifiers.

Types of metal supplies

The list of metal supplies is a long, exhaustive one, therefore, the categorisation helps in easier identification of the required product using the above set of descriptions. A broad list of metal supplies would consist of long products, flat products, solid sections, structural steel, reinforced steel, general steel, wires, meshes, expanded metals, and hollow sections. Examples of these product types are provided in the table below:

  • Long products: Metal products measured by its lengths such as beams, columns, bars, and rods
  • Flat products: Coils, plates, sheets, blanks, and strips
  • Solid sections: Universal beams and columns
  • Reinforced steel: Ribbed bars used in construction for reinforcement
  • Wires Metal: wires from thin to coarse thickness
  • Meshes: Screens made from rods and wires using weaving and welding
  • Expanded metal: Sheets with perforations similar in look to a mesh product
  • Hollow section: Tubes and pipes

Metal products and supplies are required in all industries and sectors on a daily basis. The construction sector is the biggest consumer of metal supplies, along with the automotive sector. However, metal products are required in every industry for the fabrication of various structures, manufacturing of machines, units, parts, and components. Fences, nets, grills, and other metal enclosures are used for the purpose of security. Without metal supplies, the world today would not be able to function. SteelScout, associated with 70+ stockholders and processors, is one of the leading suppliers of metal products across the UK. A widespread network of suppliers enables SteelScout to successfully procure all types of metal supplies for its customers, per the required specifications, in a timely manner. We always find the steel you require for your projects at unbeatable prices.

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We also supply a wide range of mild steel including Structural Sections, Tubing, Sheet, Merchant Bar, Re-Rolled Steel, Hollow Sections, Rebar, Flooring and Mesh, available in standard as well as custom dimensions for all your project needs. Simply tell us what you need, and we will provide you with a quote in 20 minutes to 3 hours. Once we receive the purchase order, we will complete your order and deliver to suit your requirements.

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