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About Reinforcing Mesh

Steel reinforcement mesh is used in a concrete slab to provide structural support, tensile strength, and durability. In the earlier days, concrete reinforcement was done manually leading to consumption of a lot of man-hours, and quality checking for the exact spacing between the hand-made reinforced steel mesh. The joints of the structural steel used to be tied with mild steel binding wires, to hold the steel mesh in place. With technological advancement, a lot has changed in structural steel over the years much to the advantage and benefit of the construction sector.

Production, shapes, types, and uses

Reinforcing mesh also known as reinforcing fabric is a grid of structural steel wires, rebar and rods welded at the intersecting joints of the crossbars using electrical resistance welding. The rebar in this mesh can be cut, bent, and spaced evenly or unevenly, as per specification when manufactured.

Shapes It is usually available in the rectangular, square, or bent shape. The mesh readily stocked by suppliers consists of standard specifications commonly used. As the structural needs of every concrete is unique based on the building design specifications, a customized mesh is also manufactured as per the required specification.

Types The reinforcing mesh is categorized into four types, based on the intended use as per design specification. They are: Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D.

  • Type A: reinforcing mesh is square in shape, with equal spacing between main and crossbars.
  • Type B: reinforcing mesh is rectangular in shape, with unequal spacing between main and crossbars as specified.
  • Type C: reinforcing mesh is a long mesh, with unequal spacing between main and crossbars.
  • Type D: reinforcing mesh is wrapping fabric, with equal spacing between main and crossbars. The size of reinforcement bars is the smallest in this category.

Each type has a reference code number, which adheres to the specification of BS4483 for the type of material, manufacture process, size of bars, and spacing information within itself.

Various grades of hot and cold rolled structural steel for reinforcement are used in the production of the mesh, depending on the project specification and requirements.

Uses of reinforcing mesh The reinforcing mesh is used for many purposes as listed below:

  • Foundation footings
  • Beams and Columns
  • Building roof slabs
  • Raft foundation
  • Pile caps
  • Shear walls and Concrete retaining walls
  • Road pavements and Concrete footpaths
  • Suspended floor slabs
  • Culverts and Drains
  • Precast podium and stadium seats
  • Industrial and commercial concrete floor slabs
  • Precast Panels

Advantages of using reinforcing mesh

There are many advantages to using reinforcing mesh in comparison to the old method of using reinforcing steel bars to manually create the steel grid, for any RCC project.

  • Pre-manufactured as per specifications off-site.
  • Speed in the completion of the construction process.
  • Huge time saver as many activities are combined together when using reinforcing mesh. Instead of sourcing structural steel, then cutting, bending, and fabricating it, while having to store it with care to avoid corrosion during the storage time, using man-hours to assemble with great accuracy as per structural plans, pre-fabricated reinforcing mesh, saves time on all these activities.
  • Accurate quality and specification controls in pre-fabrication.
  • Increases the speed of installation of the reinforcing mesh.
  • Less wastage of steel cuttings, thereby, reducing quantity utilized.

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