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About Stainless Steel Mesh

Mesh or wire mesh is a metal screen with parallel and intersecting lines of a metal wire, woven or welded to form into a mesh. It is a versatile product made from various types of metals and alloys, and widely used for many purposes by different industries. Stainless steel with its physical attributes of flexibility, strength, and ductility, is largely used for stainless steel mesh production.

Stainless steel wires of different diameter are manufactured by process of extrusion of wire using multiple dies to get the desired thinness. The wire is wound on a spool, and when required for use, it is straightened through a machine and cut to specific length. The cut and straightened wires are later woven or welded into a pattern to form a mesh.

Woven mesh The process of weaving stainless steel wire is done using wire looms. The cut wires are strung through the loom machine in parallel. The process is similar to cloth weaving where a harness lift helps to alternate the wire strands, which allows a shuttle to pull another wire in a perpendicular direction to the previous wire. A batten mechanically presses the wire pulled by the shuttle against the mesh, and the process continues. Meshes can be woven into different patterns in the same manner used in cloth weaving. The woven mesh comes in different weaves such as: wire cloth, ultra-thin, plain weave, twill, plain Dutch weave, twill Dutch, twill double Dutch, and stranded.

Welded mesh The welded mesh is produced with the use of an automatic welding machine. In this process of welding, the stainless steel wires are placed at equal distances in horizontal and vertical direction to each other. An automatic feeder machine pushes the straightened wires through the automatic welder in a parallel direction. A second feeder then drops a set of wires perpendicular on top of the parallel placed wires creating a cross-section of mesh. The intersection of the wires placed such is then fuse welded by the welding machine with electrical resistance welding technique, creating the cross-section to form into a jointed mesh. The process continues with the welded section being pulled ahead, and the next section of wires placed to form a continuous mesh.

A commonly used welded mesh type is the Gabion Basket, which is made from triple-coated stainless steel coarse wire or galfan (aluminum and zinc coated) wire.

Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is manufactured using 304, 316, and 317 grades of austenitic stainless steel, due to their high anti-corrosive properties. These steel grades have a high chromium, nickel, and molybdenum content which gives them their specific corrosion resistance properties and allows to be used in harsh marine and other conditions. There are other grades of steel used additionally depending on the specific requirements.

Finish The mesh produced is further processed for different finishes such as: galvanized, painted, PVC, or powder-coated, as required

Applications and uses:

Woven stainless steel mesh Depending on the weave type and the wire used, the woven stainless steel mesh has application uses in all industries requiring the benefit of the varied properties of stainless steel such as wear resistance, heat resistance, anti-corrosive, chemical resistance, along with its strength and ductility.

Construction industries use the woven mesh for retaining, support, nets, filtration, and many other applications catering to safety, and architectural purposes.

The chemical, petroleum, food, and mining industries find the woven useful in its various filtration and safety projects.

Automotive industries use the stainless steel mesh in various parts of vehicles.

Gabion Baskets Gabion baskets made from mesh are used for landscaping, retaining walls, refurbishment of canals, river flow control to avoid erosion of sides, reservoirs, stabilization of ground, and much more. The process of erecting a gabion basket box cages and mattresses are quick and do not take much effort. Having great strength and flexibility, the gabion baskets are used as claddings, fencing, bedding, and walls.

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