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About Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel sheet is the most widely used metal for manufacturing various products and structures, and is used in a wide variety of applications. With innumerable uses and advantages, they are in high demand across all sectors and industries. There is continuous innovation to bring stainless steel products which are better suited to the increasing demands of various industries. Stainless steel is no longer a metal used only for structural steel member or restricted to applications in the construction and engineering sectors. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by examples of the applications using these sheets around us everywhere.

Production, Types, and Categories of Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel sheets are produced from four types of basic stainless steel, namely austenitic, ferritic, duplex, and martensitic stainless steel families that use the hot-rolling and cold-rolling processes. The melting process of the primary elements such as iron ore, coke, and other alloying elements at 1500° Celsius temperature is done using either blast furnace or electric arc furnace. The electric arc furnace uses argon-oxygen decarburization, while the blast furnace uses the vacuum-oxygen decarburization process. This creates the stainless steel ingot or slab by pouring the melted elements into a form. The slab then undergoes a process of surface conditioning where it is subjected to grinding and scarfing to remove surface defects while still in the heated state. This process eliminates any kinds of voids or surface inclusions while giving it a smooth and clean finish.

The next step is the plate rolling process wherein the slab is passed through a continuous reheating furnace to bring it to a recrystallisation stage. and subsequently passed through a series of rolling techniques such as rough rolling, finish rolling, and hot-levelling processes to reduce the slab into a sheet of desired thickness. The hot-levelled sheet is then passed through a controlled cooling process. This completes the annealing of steel, relieving any internal stress present in the metal and strengthening it.

Descaling of the sheet is done post-annealing, using the process of electro-cleaning or pickling to ensure that there are no leftover scales which were formed during the annealing of the stainless steel sheet. The descaled steel is shot-blasted to prepare the surface for further cold-rolling or press-levelling, before being cut into required sizes. The cutting operation is done through shearing or plasma cutting to ensure a smooth cut. The sheets are processed under various grinders and polishing machines to create the trademark smooth, shiny surface.

Stainless sheets are produced with four types of surface finishes: • Dull surface finish: Produced using hot-rolling, annealing, and descaling processes • Bright surface finish: Produced using hot-rolling and later cold-rolling using polished roll • High reflective surface finish: Produced using cold-rolling technique combined with the annealing process under controlled conditions after which it is further subjected to grinding and buffing • Mirror surface finish: Achieved through the process of polishing the stainless steel with very fine abrasives, followed by extensive buffing

Uses and Applications

Stainless steel sheets are used across all industrial sectors in various applications. Following are some of the applications of these sheets:

  • Shot-blasted and primed plates are used for construction and fabrication works, shipbuilding, railways and machinery units, engineering projects, pre-fabricated building frames, and more
  • Hot-rolled sheets are used in the fabrication of boilers, pressure vessels, wheels, chassis, and other automotive parts
  • Hot-rolled pickled and oiled sheets are more widely used by the automotive sector and for precision tubes manufacturing
  • Cold-rolled stainless steel with its ultra-smooth superior finish has application in the automotive sector, architectural uses, bodies of electrical units, furniture, food processing industry, transportation units, and more.
  • Galvanised sheets with a surface coating of molten zinc are used in the construction sector for frames, ceilings, panels, ducts, decks, and floor support. The automotive industry makes internal components and bodies of large vehicles using this metal, while the white goods manufacturing units use it to produce bodies of refrigerators, washing machines, air coolers, freezers, and other products. The food processing industry finds this metal highly useful for manufacturing grain storage silos, drums, barrels, tanks, and railings.
  • Projects which are subject to extreme atmospheric condition and exposed to chemicals, such as marine, pumps, desalination units, medical supplies, acids, and beverage industry find these sheets a great resource for their plant manufacturing.
  • The aerospace industry uses stainless steel sheets for creating the external body of aircrafts due to the metal’s superior strength and alloyed properties.

Buying Stainless Steel Sheets from SteelScout

Buying the right stainless steel for a project is critical to its performance. Selecting an incorrect sheet poses a great risk to the safety and security of the final project or appliance. SteelScout will help you pick the right steel you need and supply the best, certified steel grade and finish.

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We provide you with numerous value-added processing services such as decoiling, custom cutting, profiling, shearing, drilling, punching, painting, priming, galvanising, zinc coating, shot-blasting, and more. Our experienced team can guide you on the type of product that is best suited for your projects, to get the optimum performance benefits of the metal.

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