Steel Angle

Steel Angle

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About Steel Angle

Steel angle is an important section of the structural steel family. Known by other terms, such as angle iron and steel angle bar, this steel section is L-shaped in its cross-sectional view. This is a versatile product with a characteristic light weight, while simultaneously being strong and durable. It is produced using a metal bar which is formed into an L-shape, with its two sides either equal or unequal in width. The metal used for forming steel angle can be of two types. They are formed using hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel depending on their applications.

The steel types used for making these products are mild carbon steel and high strength, low alloy steel. Under these two steel types, there are multiple grades of steel which are utilised depending on the intended use of the section. The finish of the product, such as self-colour, shot-blast and primer, and painting or galvanising is decided per the external atmospheric corrosive resistance requirement in the final structure.

Sectors Using Steel Angles

The sectors using steel angles in almost all their works are construction industry, engineering workshops, chemical plants, food processing industry, petrochemical plants, automotive manufacturing units, telecommunication, and aerospace industry.

Use of this product in each of these sectors is generally in the fabrication of structural frameworks, however it can be modified and used creatively in each sector differently. In the food processing industry, they can be seen in the form of racks, shelves, and even for food trolleys. Almost all types of industries using overhead cranes for lifting their goods have this for support. In this way, the versatile product easily blends to offer strength with light weight ratio through its equal or unequal sides.

Benefits of Using Steel Angle

Steel angle sections formed in an L-shape are the most versatile structural steel sections and can be used in most creative and innovative ways for any type of project. The benefits include:

Affordability This is the most common steel section produced due to its demand and characteristics. It is cost-effective for the buyer due to its bulk production and use of low carbon steel

Multifunctional They are used by almost all sectors in the construction of smallest to biggest frameworks of towers, bridges, roofs, frames, architectural trims, as reinforcement, for brackets, in manufacturing machines used for lifting and transportation, nuclear reactors, boilers, rolling shutters, warehouses, garages, and many such practical applications, as required. They are incredibly useful to the household handyman as these are easy to use, cut, weld, and bend to fabricate chairs, tables, shelves, cabinets, drawers, grills, and more

Strong, durable, and long-lasting Apart from being easy to work with, they are preferred due to their unique strength, durability, and long-lasting nature, with minimum need for additional protection

Readily available They are quick and easy to manufacture with minimum hassle due to which they are always available in required quantities, unlike other speciality sections which all suppliers may not necessarily have in stock

Sustainable Each part of steel angle is recyclable either as scrap or after its structure life-cycle, without losing its original characteristics. This makes it a an eco-friendly metal with a smaller carbon footprint.

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