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About Steel Beams

One of the most widely used structural steel products today is steel beams. Steel beams are also known as Universal beams (UB) or I and H beams. The I beam and H beam names are given due to its shape resembling the capital alphabet I and H. The steel beam is split into two components, A web and A flange. The central vertical section of the steel beam is known as the web while the horizontal section is known as the flange. An I beam is tapered at its edges while the H beam has characteristic wider flanges in comparison. The H beam is known as Universal column (UC). There are other variations of RSJ beams available such as W beam, and T beam.

Manufacture of steel beams

There are four methods of manufacturing steel beams which classify their types. These four classes of beams are known as Rolled beams, Welded beams, Riveted beams, and Extruded beams.

Rolled beams are manufactured by forcibly pushing metal in pliable state through huge rollers allowing it to be flattened and moulded into a required shape. This is done either in hot rolled or cold rolled stages.

Welded beams are beams fabricated by cutting metal sheets and welding them together as per desired specifications and dimensions.

Riveted beams are similar to welded beams except that these are riveted at joints instead of being welded together.

Extruded beams are manufactured by pre-heating a steel billet in a furnace and pushing it through a shape formation die to mould into a desired shape by exerting an extrusion force greater than 2000 tonnes. This process allows materials of any quality and quantity to be produced economically.

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Advantages of using steel beams

Today, structural steel has found its place in the construction and fabrication world with its numerous features and advantages. Majority of construction and fabrication globally depends on structural steel for its frameworks and multiple other applications. Steel beams can be called the backbone of any kind of construction and fabrication work. Advantages of using Universal beams versus timber or cemented construction are listed below:

  • Strength
  • Long life
  • Light- weight
  • Affordable
  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Flexible
  • Reusable
  • Versatile

Sectors using steel beams

Every industrial sector uses steel beams for the framework of their structures. The major sector utilising beams is hence the construction sector. A list of sectors using beams are:

Construction From skyscrapers to warehouses, from garages to greenhouses, from bridges to stadiums, and many more structures, steel beams are used widely in the construction sector to create artistic, aesthetic, durable, light weight and long lasting structural framework. Steel beams allow easy assembly and pre-fabrication thereby saving time and labour. SteelScout understands the requirements of such projects with their years of experience and supply the best quality CE certified RSJ beams in various shapes and sizes next day to your delivery location.

Manufacturing units Steel beams are used by manufacturing units to create parts and equipment for heavy duty works utilising beams for support and frames. Apart from the ones listed above, many more sectors and industries use steel beams in various manner. From building sturdy railings for balconies to constructing huge staircases for industrial buildings, SteelScout can supply you the right type of beams for your projects.

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