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The United Kingdom (UK) is full of steel suppliers and processors due to its rich historical steel-making background. Steel suppliers in the UK are now diversifying by catering to either complete or specialised needs of the steel industry. The UK steel classification is based on standards set by the British Standards (BSI) and the European Committee of Standardization (EN). Steel products conforming to these standards are marked for quality approval as CE-certified (European Conformity).

Product classification

Manufactured metal products are classified into ferrous and non-ferrous metal types. They are further categorised based on the metal they are produced from, such as alloy or non-alloy. Some of the suppliers list their products as per the mill process techniques, such as hot-rolled or cold-rolled products. Products are also classified based on categories such as flats, long, mesh, wires, and many others. Further information on these categories is presented below:

Ferrous products: Carbon steel such as cast iron, grey iron, and ductile iron Non-ferrous products: Products manufactured from steel, alloys, and other metals such as bronze, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, and many more.

Categorisation by steel: Based on the steel metal used for manufacturing, the product is listed as carbon steel, general steel, structural steel, speciality steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, bright steel, engineering steel, or tool steel. Each steel type has a different composition of metals and alloys in order to serve multitudes of applications.

Categorisation by product specification: These include long product, flat product, expanded metal, mesh, wires, hollow sections, open section, closed sections, tubes, and pipes.

Long products: They consist of sections, bars, and rods. They are known as long products as the product length is greater than any other dimension. European sections consist of various products such as,

  • Universal beams
  • Universal columns
  • Parallel flange channel
  • Taper flange channel
  • European merchant bars comprise the following products,
  • Equal-unequal angle
  • Flat bar
  • Square bar
  • Round bar
  • Reinforcing bar
  • Rods
  • Flat Products: The product is known as flat due to its thickness being marginal in comparison to its length and breadth. Coils, flat sheets, corrugated sheets, floor plates, plates, blanks, and strips are categorised as flat products.
  • Expanded metal: Includes metal sheet which has been cut to size and stretched into a mesh-like pattern.
  • Mesh: Includes products made from metal wires, either in woven or welded form.
  • Wires: Metal of thin diameter drawn into wire form.
  • Hollow section: Metal is made into a tubular form with varying thicknesses of wall, either through hot-rolling, hot-forming, or cold-rolling.
  • Open section: This is the same as long product sections of angles, channels, tees, beams, and columns
  • Closed section: This is rectangular or square box section or circular tubes and pipes.

Sectors using Steel

Steel is used by various sectors for different applications. Some of the major sectors are listed below:

Construction The construction sector is a major consumer of steel metal products. steel products are used in the fabrication of roofs, concrete reinforcement of all types, walls, panels, platforms, walkways, gutters, ceilings, staircase, truss, garage, fencing, railing, door frames, gates, water tanks, bridges, culverts, and many other structures.

Automotive The automotive sector is the second largest consumer of steel metal products which such as plates, sections, bars, wires, hollow sections, bars and more

Oil and gas The oil and gas industry uses speciality steel for all its fabrication needs and in the manufacturing of pipes used to transport crude oil from source.

Medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing These industries work with stainless steel and other speciality metals due to the hygiene requirements and reactive nature of many chemicals. SteelScout is one of the leading suppliers of all kinds of metal and steel products in all specifications, grades and finish. We supply only CE-certified products.

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