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About Weld Mesh

A Weld mesh is a grid of metal wires welded at their intersecting joints, while maintaining equal spacing in both directions. It is created using fully automatic or semi-automated welding machines, which have chambers and pattern boards, to produce a mesh of accurate dimensions. It is manufactured using long wires placed in an orthogonal direction, and welded at their intersecting joints using electrical resistance welding process, in a welder machine. The welder machine pulls long wires on to its pattern board to form a grid, by dropping set of long wires at a perpendicular cross-section. The product is manufactured in a square or rectangular form, using low carbon steel wires or stainless steel wires. Other metal wires are also used to make screens. The product is categorised by the treatment, finish, and grade of metal used in its manufacturing process.

Basic types of weld mesh:

Welded mesh fabric grid This is a grid of intersecting wires placed at uniform distances and welded at the intersection joints. The diameter and grade of the wire used for this are as per the performance specification of the construction requirements, to provide reinforcement.

Hot-dip galvanised weld mesh In this type, plain steel wires are utilized, which are subjected to a hot-zinc coating process.

Electro-galvanised weld mesh An electro-galvanised mesh has high anti-corrosive properties, and is used for designing of fencing and other infrastructural projects.

PVC coated weld mesh This mesh is made using high-quality galvanized iron wires, and the PVC powder-coating process is completed in an automated machinery unit. The machine coats a thin smooth powder coating on the weld mesh, using a strong adhesive, which increases the corrosion resistance and durability of the weld mesh.

Stainless steel weld mesh The stainless steel weld mesh has innumerable uses and applications, due to the characteristics properties of stainless steel.

Uses of weld mesh

There is wide use of the product in the construction, industrial, agricultural, automotive, transportation, horticulture, food processing, mining, architectural, and other sectors. Some of the uses of the weld mesh by its industrial applications are mentioned below:

Construction The construction sector uses the product for reinforcement in its concrete slabs, retaining walls, free standing walls, cladding, fencing, railing, and many others.

Agricultural The agricultural industry uses this product to create fencing around the boundaries and cages, for its livestock, aviary, animals and shelter guards for trees along with hayracks, and tool cabinets.

Veterinary Animal cages, trays, horsehead guards, storage racks, gratings, gates, fences, grills and much more.

Almost all industrial sectors use the product to create security railings, enclosures, cabinets, trays, racks, grates, grills, screens, filtration, nets, and many other creative and artistic projects.

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