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About Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is one of the most basic and simple products manufactured from metal since the earliest days. In the earliest days, jewelry was made using precious metal like gold and silver, using fine wires. Later, this technique was incorporated to create metal body-armor, made from steel and iron. Over the centuries passed by, the process of manufacturing this product from metal has seen tremendous innovations and improvements. In the 17th and 18th century, a metal wire was used generally for making domestic items such as, windows, sieves, buckles, and other small products. Towards the 18th century, with inspiration drawn from the textiles weaving, automated metal mesh weaving looms were invented, which brought a radical change in the production, and application of the continuous lengths of mesh thus produced.

Production, types, and uses

A wire mesh is also known as mesh sheet, wire cloth, or metal screen. The production process includes techniques such as: woven, welded, knitted, expanded, and electro-formed using different types of metals. Metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, bronze, brass, and other alloys are used to manufacture different type of wire mesh products.

The most common process amongst these is the woven and welded process.

In the woven wire mesh production, a wire loom is used to create the interweaving of strands of metal wire in a parallel and perpendicular direction. Various patterns are weaved in a manner much similar to the cloth weaving process. Woven mesh has a variety of weaving patterns such as, plain weave (plain crimp), intermediate crimp, lock crimp, twill, plain Dutch weave, twill Dutch, twill double Dutch, raw edge, selvedge, and stranded.

The welded wire mesh process uses a semi-automatic welding machine to produce the metal mesh product. The automatic welding machine has a chamber, which is fed with metal wires in parallel alignment, and then, the next set of metal wires are pushed at a 90 degree to the previous set of laid wires. Electrical resistance is passed to create a weld at the intersection joints of the laid out wires. Once the entire piece is welded, it is pushed forward to allow the next set of wires to be batch laid, and the welding process to continue producing the desired length of welded mesh.


Stainless steel mesh provides high resistance to rust with its anti-corrosive property, and is used across many industries.

Carbon steel woven and welded mesh is affordable due to its low cost of production, while being very versatile and strong. This mesh has magnetic properties and can be galvanized, PVC coated, or painted to provide anti-corrosion protection.

Copper mesh has great properties such as being highly ductile, malleable, durable, and with high thermal and electrical conductivity. The copper mesh has great resistant to any type of atmospheric corrosion, and forms a beautiful green patina on exposure. Being very attractive, the copper mesh is used for artistic and residential projects.

Brass woven mesh has properties of being soft, malleable, with resistance to abrasion and great tensile strength. This wire mesh has wide industrial and artistic uses.

Bronze mesh is known for its properties such as malleable, durable, ductility, and anti-corrosive resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Aluminum woven mesh is a lightweight, anti-corrosive, and low-cost product, used by many industries such as: the aerospace, automotive, and marines.

The wire mesh has many uses as listed below: Protection screens in faraday cages, to shield against radio-frequency radiation. Fireplace screens, door and window screens, fences, gutter guards, filtration, sieves, security nets, fittings for valves, pumps, shafts, food processing, paper industry, marine, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace machine parts, and many more.

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